The consultative approach that you experience in our first meeting is just a taste of what we can provide.

Consultancy is becoming more and more critical in today’s market. Knowing how to negotiate the twists and turns, what’s a fad and what has long-term possibilities is essential. You need to be more cost-conscious than ever before, but when it comes to your online presence how do you know you are investing wisely?

At Clue Design our management team has a long and successful history in business, technology, marketing and business analysis. This means that we can provide informed and educated advice on every aspect of the internet.

It may be a new idea, a seed that needs to be nurtured to find its potential growth… or a calculated attack to blow the competition out of the market. On either front we have the experience and know-how to advise on the best strategy, technology and marketing direction.

Before we present you with a proposal to build your new website, we have an in-depth discussion about your business objectives and the solutions that we can provide. We view the development of the proposal as a form of consultancy and inevitably provide you with advice and ideas.

We can also provide you with a full consultancy service to help you make a smooth entry into the world of e-Business.

Consultancy involves learning about how you do business now and understanding the changes that you want to make. We examine how to create an efficient workplace by connecting your employees to information, connecting your business to your customers, and connecting the systems that make your business run.

Our extensive knowledge base and the experience of helping hundreds of clients reduce costs and improve profits puts us in a unique position to make real changes to your organisation.

To request a consultant please phone or use our enquiry form.

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