Working Terms

Project Execution Terms

1-   You the Buyer of our service hereby agree that you have confirmed in writing about your specifications of the project that is required by you.

2-   We the Seller’s or Provider’s of service hereby agree to complete the project details for you as specified in writing by you in the Project details.

3-   You the buyer are entitled to the completion of the project as mentioned in the project details signed by you.

4-   We the Service Provider of service will complete the project in the required frame but would be entitled to a grace  period of seven days to complete the project for circumstances which can be beyond our control.

5-   You the Buyer agree to provide complete details of your project in writing with all the features you need to complete   the project to your complete satisfaction.

6-   You the Buyer agree that once the project starts you will not start adding features to your project which were not mentioned in the initially provided project details signed by you the Buyer.

7-   If it is mutually agreed to by both the Buyer and Service Provider to add additional features in the project there will be extra cost incurred by the Buyer.

8-   It will be the Service Provider’s sole responsibility to either accept or reject the additional features to be added   to the project.

9-   The Buyer will have to pay an initial advance amount towards the start of the Project which could be anything from 45% of the project cost.

10- Incase of the Project being stalled by the Buyer, he will not receive any refund of the advance amount if the project has been more than 30% complete.

11- Incase the Buyer doesn’t want to start the project and has already paid an advance then he will be entitled to a refund of his amount.

12- Incase of difference of opinion between the Buyer and the Service Provider, and the project being stalled after being 30% complete it will be the responsibility of the Service Provider to provide the Buyer with the complete source code completed until that time.

13- Incase of difference of opinion between the Buyer and the Service Provider and the project being stalled after being over 60% complete. The Service Provider will not be responsible to provide the Buyer with the complete source code until the Service Provider is provided additional payment to cover the cost of the project, which can be mutually agreed between both parties to release the source code.


We hope to provide you with better service and both parties have agreed to the above mentioned points and are a basis of starting or completing the project

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